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Minor shifts in emphasis between the process and entitative dimensions of management constructs can be an effective method of theory generation. However, such shifts require corresponding adjustments in both ontology and epistemology. Where ontol-ogy and epistemology drift out of alignment, there is significant potential for confusion. I describe and(More)
The creation of ultra-high current, ultra-short pulse beams (Q=3 nC, ! " z = 20 µm) at the SLAC FFTB has opened the way for very high gradient plasma wakefield acceleration experiments. We study here the use of these beams in a proposed Cerenkov wakefield experiment, where one may excite electromagnetic wakes in a simple dielectric tube with inner diameter(More)
Recent work on organisational knowledge suggests that, in addition to cultivating the 'knowledge spiral', organisations need to focus on facilitating forms of 'knowing' which are deeply rooted in their own contexts and which reside in the communicative act itself. The implications are that organisations seeking to implement so-called 'knowledge management'(More)
Medial displacement osteotomy of the calcaneous is commonly performed for stage II posterior tibial tendon insufficiency in an effort to improve the valgus deformity of the hindfoot. We performed an anatomic study examining the medial neurovascular anatomy and its relation to the osteotomy in an attempt to determine which structures may be at risk during(More)
BACKGROUND Sleeping sickness (human African trypanosomiasis [HAT]) is caused by protozoan parasites and characterized by a chronic progressive course, which may last up to several years before death. We conducted two Phase 2 studies to determine the efficacy and safety of oral pafuramidine in African patients with first stage HAT. METHODS The Phase 2a(More)
Work supported by Department of Energy contract DE–AC02–76SF00515. Abstract An experiment is planned to study the performance of dielectric Cerenkov wakefield accelerating structures at extremely high gradients in the GV/m range. This new UCLA/SLAC/USC collaboration will take advantage of the unique SLAC FFTB electron beam and its demonstrated ultra-short(More)
Ultra-high gradient dielectric wakefield accelerators are a potential option for a linear collider afterburner since they are immune to the ion collapse and electron/positron asymmetry problems implicit in a plasma based afterburner. The first phase of an experiment to study the performance of dielectric Cerenkov wakefield accelerating structures at(More)
–In this paper, a generic model for implementing logical interconnection topologies in software has been proposed in order to investigate the performance of the logical topologies and their routing algorithms for packet based synchronous networks. This model is generic for synchronous transfer modes and therefore can be used in implementing any logical(More)