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Oligotrophic oceanic waters of the central ocean gyres typically have extremely low dissolved fixed inorganic nitrogen concentrations, but few nitrogen-fixing microorganisms from the oceanic environment have been cultivated. Nitrogenase gene (nifH) sequences amplified directly from oceanic waters showed that the open ocean contains more diverse diazotrophic(More)
Recent studies suggested that the daily cycle of nitrogen fixation activity in the marine filamentous nonheterocystous cyanobacterium Trichodesmium sp. is controlled by a circadian rhythm. In this study, we evaluated the rhythm of nitrogen fixation in Trichodesmium sp. strain IMS 101 by using the three criteria for an endogenous rhythm. Nitrogenase(More)
BACKGROUND The main technological impediment to widespread utilization of lignocellulose for the production of fuels and chemicals is the lack of low-cost technologies to overcome its recalcitrance. Organisms that hydrolyze lignocellulose and produce a valuable product such as ethanol at a high rate and titer could significantly reduce the costs of biomass(More)
The methylotrophic yeast, Pichiapastoris, is an important organism used for the production of therapeutic proteins. However, the presence of fungal-like glycans, either N-linked or O-linked, can elicit an immune response or enable the expressed protein to bind to mannose receptors, thus reducing their efficacy. Previously we have reported the elimination of(More)
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