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The functional relationship between erosion rate and topography is central to understanding both controls on global sediment flux and the potential for feedback between tectonics, climate, and erosion in shaping topography. Analysis of a high-resolution (10-m-grid) DEM transect across the convergent orogen of the Olympic Mountains reveals a non-linear(More)
Six late Quaternary river terraces, preserved along the Clearwater River in northwestern Washington State, provide a ϳ ϳ140 ka record of long-term incision and uplift across the western side of the Cascadia forearc high. Terrace ages are constrained by weathering rind and radiocarbon dating and by correlation to dated coastal glacio-fluvial deposits and the(More)
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[1] The incision of rivers in bedrock is thought to be an important factor that influences the evolution of relief in tectonically active orogens. At present, there are at least six competing models for incision of bedrock rivers, but these models have received little quantitative testing. We statistically evaluate these models using observations from the(More)
In this study, we use up-section changes in fission-track (Ff) ages of detrital zircons to infer the tectonic evolution of the source region that fed sediments to the Totino basin , a Tertiary forearc basin in northwestern Washington State and southwestern British Columbia. We have dated 50 grains from each of eight samples from a 6-km-thick section that(More)
The effect of an atherogenic diet on serum apo E levels and distribution among the lipoproteins of rhesus monkeys was studied. Animals able to maintain their serum cholesterol levels below 250 mg/dl (hyporesponders) showed no significant change in their serum apo E levels; however, in monkeys whose serum cholesterol concentrations ranged from 250 to 850(More)
A zircon fission track annealing model is calculated on the basis of annealing experiments from the literature with induced tracks in α-decay event damage-free zircons. Empirically derived parallel and fanning equations of this " zero-damage " model yield an excellent fit to the data, with the fanning model providing slightly better statistical parameters.(More)
Theoretical analysis predicts that enhanced erosion related to late Cenozoic global cooling can act as a first-order influence on the internal dynamics of mountain building, leading to a reduction in orogen width and height. The strongest response is predicted in orogens dominated by highly efficient alpine glacial erosion, producing a characteristic(More)
We present two mutuallv contradictorv hvpotheses for the mid-and Late &etaceous paleogeo&aphy of the w k t & margin of North America. In Hypothesis A, representative of a family of models based on geologic eGaence, the.In&lar and IntermontaGe superter-ranes and the intervening mid-Cretaceous Coast Mountains orogen were situated in their present positions(More)
We use Quaternary stratigraphy to reconstruct landscape evolution and measure tectonic deformation of the Olympic Mountains section of the Pacific Northwest Coast Range. An important motivation for understanding orogenesis here, and throughout the Coast Range, is the concern about the relationship of active deformation to seismic hazards associated with the(More)