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In recent years, software defects have become the dominant cause of customer outage, and improvements in software reliability and quality have not kept pace with those of hardware. Yet, software defects are not well enough understood to provide a clear methodology for avoiding or recovering from them. To gain the necessary insight, we study defects reported(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term opioid therapy for chronic noncancer pain is becoming increasingly common in community practice. Concomitant with this change in practice, rates of fatal opioid overdose have increased. The extent to which overdose risks are elevated among patients receiving medically prescribed long-term opioid therapy is unknown. OBJECTIVE To(More)
This paper describes a database management system (DBMS) modified to use hardware write protection to guard critical DBMS data structures against software errors. Guarding (write-protecting) DBMS data improves software reliability by providing quick detection of corrupted pointers and array bounds overruns. Guarding will be especially helpful in an(More)
Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) currently provide the most direct evidence for an accelerating Universe and for the existence of an unknown " dark energy " driving this expansion. The 5-year Supernova Legacy Survey 1 (SNLS) will deliver ∼1000 SN Ia detections with well-sampled g ′ r ′ i ′ z ′ light curves. Using this definitive dataset, we will obtain a precise(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous research has shown high prevalence rates of depression in multiple sclerosis patients seen in specialty clinics. The relationships among depressive symptoms and severity, duration, and course of multiple sclerosis are controversial. METHOD A survey was mailed to members of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of King County (Wash.). Of(More)
Attachment theory and research suggest that patterns of interpersonal relationships may be important determinants of illness behavior, care seeking, and treatment response in individuals with chronic health problems, including chronic pain. Attachment styles have been shown to be associated with psychological adjustment in the context of chronic illness,(More)
Radiolysis of water with a synchrotron x-ray beam permits the hydroxyl radical-accessible surface of an RNA to be mapped with nucleotide resolution in 10 milliseconds. Application of this method to folding of the Tetrahymena ribozyme revealed that the most stable domain of the tertiary structure, P4-P6, formed cooperatively within 3 seconds. Exterior(More)
A central question in prescribing opioids for chronic non-cancer pain (CNCP) is how to best balance the risk of opioid abuse and dependence with the benefits of pain relief. To achieve this balance, clinicians need an understanding of the risk factors for opioid abuse, an issue that is only partially understood. We conducted a secondary data analysis of(More)