Mark Stoopman

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In this paper, a design method for the co-design and integration of a CMOS rectifier and small loop antenna is described. In order to improve the sensitivity, the antenna-rectifier interface is analyzed as it plays a crucial role in the co-design optimization. Subsequently, a 5-stage cross-connected differential rectifier with a 7-bit binary-weighted(More)
This paper presents the design of a robust and large range RF energy harvester with a control loop. The harvester is based on an optimally mismatched antenna-rectifier interface that offers a large passive voltage boost to increase the sensitivity of the energy harvester while still extracting energy from the antenna. A control loop is proposed that(More)
The aim of this brief is to point out the importance of co-designing electrically-short antenna-electronics interfaces as a way to improve the system performance. This can be achieved if both the antenna and electronic circuit designer have a common optimization target. In this brief, the co-design principles are presented for antenna systems in the(More)
This paper presents the system and circuit design of a compact radio frequency (RF)-powered 2.4-GHz CMOS transmitter (TX) to be used for autonomous wireless sensor nodes (WSNs). The proposed TX utilizes the received dedicated RF signal for both energy harvesting as well as frequency synthesis. A TX RF carrier is derived from the received RF signal by means(More)
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