Mark Stanford

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Until recently, discrete-event simulation tools were expensive, difficult to use, and limited in use to specialists within large corporations. However, in the last few years, several low-cost (under $2000), discrete-event simulation products have been introduced. These products include ProcessModel from ProModel, Process 98 from Scitor and Optima from(More)
In the treatment of drug addiction, as with other chronic conditions, the effects of treatment are significant but not long lasting after discharge unless continuing monitoring is provided. Efforts to help patients sustain positive treatment outcomes are generally directed to community support. Postdischarge checkups can help patients evaluate their(More)
The semantic structure underlying the attitudes of pretreatment and posttreatment drug addicts was modeled using a network analysis of free word associations. Measures of graph theoretic properties were used to assess structural differences in the associative networks of the two populations. These measures modeled the information processes of associative(More)
Alcohol misuse adversely affects health outcomes, but alcohol misuse and alcohol use disorders (AUDs) are often ignored by healthcare providers in primary and specialty ambulatory care clinics. Data show that early identification and brief intervention for alcohol misuse in these settings can effectively reduce alcohol consumption and its medical sequelae.(More)
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