Mark Speece

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The medical interview remains the most valuable component in patient evaluation. In addition to its diagnostic usefulness, it is the foundation upon which the doctor-patient relationship is built. It is essential, therefore, that health care providers be well trained in interviewing. Evidence suggests that having residents conduct videotaped interviews with(More)
To assess primary care resident and faculty knowledge and attitudes concerning interactions between physicians and pharmaceutical representatives (PRs) and to measure changes in residents' knowledge and attitudes after an educational intervention, we conducted preintervention and postintervention surveys with a causal-comparative group in a university-based(More)
This review of the empirical literature on the development of the concept of death focuses on 3 components of that concept: irreversibility, nonfunctionality, and universality. These findings overall suggest that the majority of healthy children in modern urban-industrial societies achieve an understanding of all 3 components between 5 and 7 years of age.(More)
The study investigates factors that effect E-commerce adoption rate by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand. Based on Rogers' Innovation Diffusion theoretical framework, five perceived characteristics of innovation are considered as factors affect E-commerce adoption rate. Security and Confidentiality is additional variable investigated(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to consider the technology acceptance model (TAM) in the context of internet securities trading. It examines the antecedents of perceived usefulness and explores the role of trust and attitude of securities investors toward usage. The behavioural intention of investors to use the internet securities trading service is(More)
Written patient education materials are an important part of ambulatory pediatric practices. We evaluated the readability of 33 representative pediatric education materials using three common formulas: Fog, Fry, and SMOG. The majority of pamphlets had readabilities of grade nine or above. The need to use multiple readability formulas was also demonstrated.(More)
An understanding of corporate customer acceptance of Internet banking can assist banks to assess the real business value of Internet banking implementation. The four benefit factors are information quality, information accessibility, information sharing, and transaction benefit. The three major barriers are related to trust, legal support, and organization(More)