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The epoxide hydrolase gene from Agrobacterium radiobacter AD1, a bacterium that is able to grow on epichlorohydrin as the sole carbon source, was cloned by means of the polymerase chain reaction with two degenerate primers based on the N-terminal and C-terminal sequences of the enzyme. The epoxide hydrolase gene coded for a protein of 294 amino acids with a(More)
One of the major parts of the multimedia research is object localisation and object tracking. In this paper we try to create a surveillance system that uses object tracking and background subtraction. The final system can keep track of a person walking trough a room and detect if something is left behind. For the tracker, adaptive feature selection is used(More)
This research proposes a framework of a visual urban traffic monitoring system capable of obtaining the traffic flow at intersections of a city in a cheap way. The main focus of this research is on the background subtraction and shadow elimination component of this proposed system. Two different background subtraction techniques are implemented and(More)
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