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When electron microscopy (EM) was introduced in the 1930s it gave scientists their first look into the nanoworld of cells. Over the last 80 years EM has vastly increased our understanding of the complex cellular structures that underlie the diverse functions that cells need to maintain life. One drawback that has been difficult to overcome was the inherent(More)
UNICEF's Evaluation Office manages evaluations and evaluative studies on a wide range of topics in order to contribute to learning about what makes for effective development, as well as supporting accountability for results. These evaluations seek to identify what works and what does not in terms of achieving sustainable and equitable development results,(More)
The structural and magnetic properties of ultrathin FeO(111) films on Pt(111) with thicknesses from 1 to 16 monolayers (MLs) were studied using the nuclear inelastic scattering of synchrotron radiation. A distinct evolution of vibrational characteristics with thickness, revealed in the phonon density of states (PDOS), shows a textbook transition from 2D to(More)
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