Mark Siebentritt

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In October 2000, the flow of the River Murray entering South Australia was increased from 32 000 to 42 050 ML day 1 by release of water from an offstream reservoir, and a downstream weir was raised by 500 mm to impound the flood and enhance local floodplain inundation. The flood was maintained for about two weeks, although the duration of inundation was(More)
Integrated modelling and assessment can facilitate exploration of complex socialeecological interactions and quantify trade-offs in regional policy, planning, and management options. However, there have been challenges in its acceptance and adoption for supporting decisions. Here we overcome this implementation gap through the development of an interactive(More)
Coordinating Lead Authors: Bruce Aylward, Jayanta Bandyopadhyay, Juan-Carlos Belausteguigotia Lead Authors: Peter Börkey, Angela Cassar, Laura Meadors, Lilian Saade, Mark Siebentritt, Robyn Stein, Sylvia Tognetti, Cecilia Tortajada Contributing Authors: Tony Allan, Carl Bauer, Carl Bruch, Angela Guimaraes-Pereira, Matt Kendall, Benjamin Kiersch, Clay(More)
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