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—This paper describes a method for the automatic self-calibration of a 3D Laser sensor. We wish to acquire crisp point clouds and so we adopt a measure of crispness to capture point cloud quality. We then pose the calibration problem as the task of maximising point cloud quality. Concretely, we use Rényi Quadratic Entropy to measure the degree of(More)
The effects of stress experienced during pregnancy and raising stressed offspring on maternal behavior were investigated in Swiss-Webster mice. Dams were either stressed or not stressed during pregnancy, and raised either prenatally stressed or nonstressed cross-fostered pups. Maternal behaviors such as grooming, nursing, pup retrieval and maternal(More)
The developmentally regulated, D2 cell adhesion protein has been purified from 10-12 day old rat synaptosomes by sequential hydroxyapatite chromatography, wheat germ lectin affinity chromatography and gel filtration. The purified protein was found to be composed of two polypeptide components of 200 and 140 kd molecular weight which comprised 0.5-1.0% of(More)
This paper describes the design, build, automatic self-calibration and evaluation of a 3D Laser sensor using conventional parts. Our goal is to design a system, which is an order of magnitude cheaper than commercial systems , with commensurate performance. In this paper we adopt point cloud " crispness " as the measure of system performance that we wish to(More)
In recent years, there have been prominent calls for a new social contract that accords a more central role to citizens in health research. Typically, this has been understood as citizens and patients having a greater voice and role within the standard research enterprise. Beyond this, however, it is important that the renegotiated contract specifically(More)
Many educational institutions are starting to make use of their scholastic data to improve the academic experience for their students. To aid in this endeavor we have developed a research prototype implementation of a collaborative filtering-based tool called the personalized Grade Prediction Advisor (pGPA). The goal of this prototype tool is to demonstrate(More)