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— This paper is about estimating a smooth, continuous-time trajectory of a vehicle relative to a prior 3D laser map. We pose the estimation problem as that of finding a sequence of Catmull-Rom splines which optimise the Kernelised Rényi Distance (KRD) between the prior map and live measurements from a 3D laser sensor. Our approach treats the laser(More)
We examined mentally retarded individuals' use of picture cues and self-monitoring to initiate a series of tasks of varying type and order. Four severely to moderately retarded high school students participating in a vocational training program were trained to use a picture-cue system. The system consisted of photographs of vocational tasks that were(More)
This paper describes the design, build, automatic self-calibration and evaluation of a 3D Laser sensor using conventional parts. Our goal is to design a system, which is an order of magnitude cheaper than commercial systems , with commensurate performance. In this paper we adopt point cloud " crispness " as the measure of system performance that we wish to(More)
In recent years, there have been prominent calls for a new social contract that accords a more central role to citizens in health research. Typically, this has been understood as citizens and patients having a greater voice and role within the standard research enterprise. Beyond this, however, it is important that the renegotiated contract specifically(More)
Many educational institutions are starting to make use of their scholastic data to improve the academic experience for their students. To aid in this endeavor we have developed a research prototype implementation of a collaborative filtering-based tool called the personalized Grade Prediction Advisor (pGPA). The goal of this prototype tool is to demonstrate(More)
Vaccines are among the most cost-effective interventions against infectious diseases. Many candidate vaccines targeting neglected diseases in low- and middle-income countries are now progressing to large-scale clinical testing. However, controversy surrounds the appropriate design of vaccine trials and, in particular, the use of unvaccinated controls (with(More)