Mark Selby

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We describe the design, implementation and deployment of Photobox, a domestic technology that prints four or five randomly selected photos from the owner's Flickr collection at random intervals each month. We deployed Photobox in three homes for fourteen months, to explore how the slow pace at which it operates could support experiences of anticipation and(More)
A study of an interactive artwork shows how artists engaged the public with scientific climate change data. The artwork visualised live environmental data collected from remote trees, alongside both historical and forecast global CO<sub>2</sub> data. Visitors also took part in a mobile sensing experience in a nearby forest. Our study draws on the(More)
We describe the design and implementation of <i>Photobox</i>, a device intended to be used over many years, which occasionally prints a randomly selected photo from the owner's Flickr collection inside of a wooden chest. We describe and reflect on how engaging in the design of this <i>slow technology</i> [5] led to some unexpected challenges and provoked us(More)
<i>Ideation Decks</i> is a project that explores the development of a methodological tool for design ideation It involves the creation and use of bespoke project-specific card based systems which help to define constrained design problems within a broader overall problem space. Use of this system is intended to support the practice of parallel design by(More)
A data-driven life is increasingly possible, yet research and previous workshops have tended to focus on the utility of personal informatics -- especially for behaviour change -- rather than 'lived informatics' as experienced. This workshop proposes to engage participants in conversation, scenario building and conceptual design that deeply and critically(More)
BACKGROUND Glioblastoma (GBM) is a poorly immunogenic neoplasm treated with focused radiation. Immunotherapy has demonstrated synergistic survival effects with stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) in murine GBM. GITR is a co-stimulatory molecule expressed constitutively on regulatory T-cells and by effector T-cells upon activation. We tested the hypothesis that(More)
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