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We present a system for real-time animation and rendering of large particle sets using GPU computation and memory objects in OpenGL. Memory objects can be used both as containers for geometry data stored on the graphics card and as render targets, providing an effective means for the manipulation and rendering of particle data on the GPU.To fully take(More)
Many object detection systems are constrained by the time required to convolve a target image with a bank of filters that code for different aspects of an object's appearance, such as the presence of component parts. We exploit locality-sensitive hashing to replace the dot-product kernel operator in the convolution with a fixed number of hash-table probes(More)
Generating images of texture mapped geometry requires projecting surfaces onto a two-dimensional screen. If this projection involves perspective, then a division must be performed at each pixel of the projected surface in order to correctly calculate texture map coordinates. We show how a simple extension to perspective-comect texture mapping can be used to(More)
Existing GPU programming interfaces require applications to adopt a graphics-centric programming model exported by a device driver tuned for real-time graphics and games. This programming model, however, hinders the development and performance of non-graphics applications by imposing a graphics policy for program execution and hiding hardware resources. We(More)
An algorithm is described for partitioning intersecting polyhedrons into disjoint pieces and, more generally, removing intersections from sets of planar polygons embedded in three space. Polygons, or faces, need not be convex and may contain multiple holes. Intersections are removed by considering pairs of faces and slicing the faces apart along their(More)
The goal of the Touring Machine project is to provide a reliable and extensible software platform that supports independently-developed distributed multimedia applications. The project includes an experimental testbed composed of a network of desktop video and audio devices controlled via user workstations. Touring Machine is more than a research testbed;(More)
A polyhedral solid modeler that operates on boundary representations of objects must infer topological information from numerical data. Unavoidable errors (due to limited precision) affect these calculations so that their use may produce ambiguous or contradictory results. These effects cause existing polyhedral modelers to fail when presented with objects(More)