Mark Scheeff

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In an effort to develop new ideas in human-computer interface and interactive robotics, we have a built a lifelike teleoperated robot. Our robot uses gesture, motion and sound to be social with humans in the immediate vicinity. We explored human/robot interaction in both private and public settings. Our users enjoyed interacting with Sparky and treated it(More)
We introduce a set of techniques for haptically manipulating digital media such as video, audio, voicemail and computer graphics, utilizing virtual mediating dynamic models based on intuitive physical metaphors. For example, a video sequence can be modeled by linking its motion to a heavy spinning virtual wheel: the user browses by grasping a physical(More)
Beam size estimates made using beam-beam deflections are used for optimization of the Stanford Linear Collider (SLC) electron-positron beam sizes. Beam size and intensity goals for 1996 were 2.1 x 0.6 μm (x,y) at 4.0x10 10 particles per pulse. Conventional profile monitors, such as scanning wires, fail at charge densities well below this. Since the(More)
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