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Classical object tracking approaches use a Kalman-filter with a single dynamic model which is therefore optimised to a single driving maneuver. In contrast the interacting multiple model (IMM) filter allows for several parallel models which are combined to a weighted estimate. Choosing models for different driving modes, such as constant speed, acceleration(More)
The shoulder of the road has been treated with herbicide to prevent weed growth. The use of firm, trade, and brand names in this report is for identification purposes only and does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Geological Survey. 5. Method used to estimate mass of pesticide applications—example using applications of an herbicide (diuron) to(More)
— When synthesising an asynchronous circuit from an STG, one often encounters the state explosion problem. In order to alleviate this problem one can decompose the STG into smaller components. This paper deals with the decomposition method of [11], [12] and introduces several strategies for efficient implementations, proves them correct and compares them by(More)
Signal Transition Graphs (STG) are a formalism for the description of asynchronous circuit behaviour. In this paper we propose (and justify) a formal semantics of non-deterministic STGs with dummies and OR-causality. For this, we introduce the concept of output-determinacy, which is a relaxation of determinism, and argue that it is reasonable and useful in(More)
For synthesising efficient asynchronous circuits from STGs one has to deal with the state space explosion problem. For this purpose STG decomposition was introduced by Chu and improved by Vogler and Wollowski. Here, we present the tool DesiJ which is the implementation of STG decomposition and proposed by Vogler and several other optimisations.