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Ecologists have proposed several incompatible definitions of ecological stability. Emulating physicists, mathematical ecologists commonly define it as Lyapunov stability. This formalizes the problematic concept by integrating it into a well-developed mathematical theory. The formalization also seems to capture the intuition that ecological stability depends(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the incidence of occupational exposures to blood or body fluids reported in dental hygiene students from 1996 to 1998 as well as postexposure management protocols used in dental hygiene programs. METHODS A 23-item, self-designed questionnaire was sent to the 214 dental hygiene programs that were(More)
Context Shifting Arguments (CSA) ask us to consider two utterances of an unambiguous, non-vague, non-elliptic sentence S. If the consensus intuition is that what’s said, or expressed or the truth-conditions, and so possibly the truthvalues, of these utterances differ, then CSA concludes S is context sensitive. Consider, for example, simultaneous utterances(More)
This paper shows that authors who have recently argued that higher-order vagueness is incoherent, paradoxical, illusory or non-existent invariably confound elements of higher-order vagueness (of the kind relevant to the Sorites paradox) with elements of a different paradigm of borderline borderline cases; and that, once the elements of that other paradigm(More)
In the summer of 1905 Bertrand Russell wrote to his American friend, Lucy Donnelley, with the news that he had just completed “an article on George IV for Mind” (Russell 1994, 414). In spite of its mild frivolity, such a description of “On Denoting” contains a large measure of truth. For this article’s puzzle about George IV does indeed have a claim to be(More)
Cylindrical shells are used in a variety of applications. In some of these applications it is necessary to limit the vibrations of lightly-damped shells by applying a damping treatment that does not significantly increase the weight. This paper explores the use of partial coating of a cylindrical shell with a constrained viscoelastic layer for obtaining(More)
counterpart , these new observables in A∈A ( ) ′′ A A ω π A have no abstract counterpart in . However, they will have an abstract counterpart in . There is also a natural embedding of A into ∗∗ ∗∗ ∗∗ ⊆ A A A such that . The most common way to construct a von Neumann algebra is to start with a C*-algebra and an abstract state A ω , construct a representation(More)
A common objection to sense-datum theories of perception is that they cannot give an adequate account of the fact that introspection indicates that our sensory experiences are directed on, or are about, the mind-independent entities in the world around us, that our sense experience is transparent to the world. In this paper I argue that the main force of(More)