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Rydberg states of atoms are of great current interest for quantum manipulation of mesoscopic samples of atoms. Long-range Rydberg–Rydberg interactions can inhibit multiple excitations of atoms under the appropriate conditions. These interactions are strongest when resonant collisional processes give rise to long-range C 3 /R 3 interactions. We show in this(More)
We demonstrate a self-organizing system based on photorefrac-tive ring oscillators. We employ the system in two ways that can both be thought of as feature extractors; one acts on a set of images exposed repeatedly to the system strictly as a linear feature extractor, and the other serves as a signal demultiplex-er for fiber optic communications. Both(More)
We use coherent excitation of 3-16 atom ensembles to demonstrate collective Rabi flopping mediated by Rydberg blockade. Using calibrated atom number measurements, we quantitatively confirm the expected √N Rabi frequency enhancement to within 4%. The resulting atom number distributions are consistent with an essentially perfect blockade. We then use(More)
  • Wies Law Królikowski, Cornelia Denz, Andreas Stepken, Mark Saffman, Barry Luther-Davies
  • 1998
We present a review of our recent theoretical and experimental results on the interaction of two-dimensional solitary beams in photorefractive SBN crystals. We show that the collision of coherent solitons may result in energy exchange, fusion of the interacting solitons, the birth of a new solitary beam or the complete annihilation of some of them,(More)
i Dedicated to My Family and Friends ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I want to first thank my advisor Deniz Yavuz. He has been an amazing advisor and friend over my past 5 years in Madison. He always took time to answer my questions and listen to my ideas. He was aways very enthusiastic about all of his projects, which made working for him very fun. I want to thank all(More)
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