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  • Robert H Dworkin, Alec B O'Connor, Miroslav Backonja, John T Farrar, Nanna B Finnerup, Troels S Jensen +10 others
  • 2007
Patients with neuropathic pain (NP) are challenging to manage and evidence-based clinical recommendations for pharmacologic management are needed. Systematic literature reviews, randomized clinical trials, and existing guidelines were evaluated at a consensus meeting. Medications were considered for recommendation if their efficacy was supported by at least(More)
— A method for predicting packet error rates in MIMO-OFDM WLAN systems is presented. The method is based on using post-detection SNRs as an abstraction of the physical layer, and is motivated by the need for a simple and efficient way of modelling the physical layer in system level simulation scenarios involving multiple stations. The physical layer(More)
Concurrent applications to the skin of spatially adjacent bands of innocuous warm and cool stimuli would elicit a peculiar sensation, known as the 'thermal grill illusion'. To validate the thermal grill as a research tool, this two-phase study qualitatively characterizes this peculiar sensation and further quantitatively establishes the temperature matching(More)
OBJECTIVES To test the hypothesis that the USA healthcare system was superior to the NHS and 17 other Western countries in reducing feasible mortality rates over the period 1979-2005. DESIGN Economic inputs into healthcare, GDP health expenditure (GDPHE) were compared with clinical outputs, i.e. total 'adult' (15-74 years) and 'older' (55-74 years)(More)
The authors have extended preclinical studies on pain to human volunteers by examining the effects of intravenous alfentanil and ketamine on acute sensory thresholds andfacilitated processing induced by intradermal capsaicin. Eleven healthy subjects received targeted plasma concentrations of alfentanil, ketamine, and placebo followed by neurosensory testing(More)
Post-herpetic neuralgia is a neuropathic pain syndrome resulting from an insult to the peripheral and central nervous systems caused by the varicella zoster virus. Spontaneous pain may result in the persistent sensation of burning, tingling, or aching and may be associated with thermally or mechanically provoked pain, resulting in hyperalgesia or allodynia.(More)
The heat/capsaicin sensitization and intradermal capsaicin injection models are safe and noninvasive paradigms to generate stable, long-lasting, and reproducible injury capable of producing an area of both primary and secondary hyperalgesia. Risk of skin injury is substantially reduced since lower levels of thermal and chemical irritation produce(More)
Preclinical studies have emphasized that persistent small afferent input will induce a state of central facilitation, which can be regulated by systemically administered sodium channel blockers. We have extended these preclinical studies to the human volunteers by examining the effects of lamotrigine and 4030W92, two structurally related voltage-sensitive(More)