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Ambient assisted living (AAL) has the ambitious goal of improving the quality of life and maintaining independence of older and vulnerable people through the use of technology. Most of the western world will see a very large increase in the number of older people within the next 50 years with limited resources to care for them. AAL is seen as a promising(More)
We describe an unusual ASR application: recognition of command words from severely dysarthric speakers, who have poor control of their articulators. The goal is to allow these clients to control assistive technology by voice. While this is a small vocabulary, speaker-dependent, isolated-word application, the speech material is more variable than normal, and(More)
Automatic speech recognition (ASR) can provide a rapid means of controlling EAT. Off-the-shelf ASR systems function poorly for users with severe dysarthria because of the increased variability of their articulations compared to 'normal' speech. A two-pronged approach has been applied to this problem: 1. To develop a computerised training package which will(More)
A literature review was conducted to identify the 'trigger factors' associated with a need for increased levels of care and support for elderly people. An expert panel then prioritized the trigger factors into one of five bands of importance. The literature review produced 2037 hits. Of these, 1768 were excluded after reading the abstract and 111 after(More)
We studied the effect of automatic fall detection units on the fear of falling. Participants were community alarm users living in the community aged over 75 years or those aged 60-74 years who had experienced a fall in the previous six months. Of those approached, 31% consented to take part; the main reason given for potential participants declining(More)
Obesity is a global epidemic with major healthcare implications and costs. Mobile technologies are potential interventions to promote weight loss. An early systematic review of this rapidly growing area of research was conducted. Electronic databases were searched for articles published between January 1998 and October 2011. Data sources included Medline,(More)