Mark S Goorsky

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Perovskite photovoltaics offer a compelling combination of extremely low-cost, ease of processing and high device performance. The optoelectronic properties of the prototypical CH3NH3PbI3 can be further adjusted by introducing other extrinsic ions. Specifically, chlorine incorporation has been shown to affect the morphological development of perovksite(More)
The selective area, metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy of gallium arsenide on silicon substrates was investigated. Low-temperature arsenic passivation of the silicon surface was realized at 650 1C. A two-step growth method was used to deposit the GaAs films with an optimum nucleation temperature of 400 1C. Layers nucleated at 350 1C or below were found to be(More)
We utilized monochromatic high energy synchrotron x-rays (100 keV) to perform transmission diffraction measurements on bulk cadmium zinc telluride (Cd 1-x Zn x Te, x ~ 0.1) crystals used for room temperature radiation detectors. The high-energy measurements assess the crystalline properties throughout the thickness (2-3 mm) of the structures and we(More)
Diamond films grown by chemical vapor deposition have the potential to improve the thermal management and reliability of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors. The integration of CVD diamond with GaN involves the nucleation and growth of diamond films on GaN which induces a vertical gradient in thermal conductivity of the diamond and can result in(More)
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