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— A typical sensor data processing sequence uses a detection algorithm prior to tracking to extract point-measurements from the observed sensor data. Track-Before-Detect (TkBD) is a paradigm which combines target detection and estimation by removing the detection algorithm and supplying the sensor data directly to the tracker. Various different approaches(More)
Target detection and tracking is a well-established area of research. However, a majority of proposed solutions in existing literature rely on expensive and specialized sensors, which often have limited coverage. Using low cost sensor nodes is an attractive and complementary approach to scalable target detection and tracking applications. However, tracking(More)
In this paper, we present a comprehensive analysis of the performance of a wireless sensor network based target tracking system using the Particle Filter. In particular, we evaluate the effect ofvarious network design parameters such as the number ofnodes, number ofgenerated particles, and sampling interval on the tracking accuracy and computation time of(More)
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