Mark Rutkowski

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Complete deficiency of the complement C4A isotype is a known genetic risk factor for systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). The disease phenotype of C4A-deficient patients has never been defined. Among 200 patients with SLE from five centers, 18 (9%) with C4A deficiency were identified. These individuals were compared to those who were C4A replete with regard(More)
The human organism is incapable of producing vitamin C by biosynthesis. We are therefore totally dependent on the presence of this vitamin in our diet. Vitamin C is capable of essentially influencing the course of many metabolic processes, and it is therefore used in the treatment and prophylaxis of many diseases, including those that are a consequence of(More)
Vitamin C functions in a human organism have been discussed. Connection with many diseases and its systemic deficiency has been emphasized. A review of current application of this vitamin in medicine has been made. Problems accompanying the use of reference sources of vitamin C "normal concentrations" in blood plasma have been characterised. 10 ranges of(More)
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