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Othogonal frequency division multiplex-ing with a suitably chosen guard interval is a n effective means of eliminating intersymbol interference for high-rate transmission over fading dispersive channels. T i m e variations of t h e channel, however, lead t o a loss of subchannel orthogonality, resulting in interchannel interference (ICI). This article(More)
In a localized routing algorithm, node A currently holding the message forwards it to one or few neighbors based on the location of itself, its neighboring nodes and destination. Several localized routing algorithms for wireless networks were described recently, based on location information of nodes available via Global Positioning System (GPS). The(More)
The ability to maintain technical performances (i.e. skills) throughout soccer match-play is considered to be crucial in determining the outcome of competitive fixtures. Consequently, coaches dedicate a large proportion of time to practicing isolated skills, such as passing, shooting and dribbling. Unlike other elements that contribute to team-sport(More)
A ''book-embedding'' of a graph G comprises embedding the graph's nodes along the spine of a book and embedding the edges on the pages so that the edges embedded on the same page do not intersect. This is also referred to as the page model. The ''pagenumber'' of a graph is the thickness of the smallest (in number of pages) book into which G can be embedded.(More)
Group work has the potential to be both educationally effective and resource efficient. It provides opportunities to set more integrative assessment tasks whilst also providing opportunities for the students to learn more than they would by simply responding to the coursework briefing sheet. Issues arise, however, with the necessity to individualise the(More)
Although immunological detection of proteins is used extensively in retinal development, studies are often impeded because antibodies against crucial proteins cannot be generated or are not readily available. Here, we overcome these limitations by constructing genetically engineered alleles for Math5 and Pou4f2, two genes required for retinal ganglion cell(More)
In this study, we examined the reliability and construct validity of new soccer skills tests. Twenty soccer players (10 professional and 10 recreational) repeated trials of passing, shooting, and dribbling skills on different days. Passing and shooting skills required players to kick a moving ball, delivered at constant speed, towards one of four randomly(More)
This exploratory study compared three types of automatic text presentation for small screen interfaces—rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP), three lines, and ten-lines of text—at fast, medium and slow speeds for differences in reading comprehension, satisfaction, and preference. The results revealed a significant main effect of presentation speed,(More)
The colonic mucus layer is comprised primarily of acidomucins, which provide viscous properties and can be broadly classified into sialomucins or sulfomucins based on the presence of terminating sialic acid or sulfate groups. Differences in acidomucin chemotypes have been observed in diseases such as colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease, and(More)