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In a localized routing algorithm, node A currently holding the message forwards it to one or few neighbors based on the location of itself, its neighboring nodes and destination. Several localized routing algorithms for wireless networks were described recently, based on location information of nodes available via Global Positioning System (GPS). The(More)
The ability to maintain technical performances (i.e. skills) throughout soccer match-play is considered to be crucial in determining the outcome of competitive fixtures. Consequently, coaches dedicate a large proportion of time to practicing isolated skills, such as passing, shooting and dribbling. Unlike other elements that contribute to team-sport(More)
A ''book-embedding'' of a graph G comprises embedding the graph's nodes along the spine of a book and embedding the edges on the pages so that the edges embedded on the same page do not intersect. This is also referred to as the page model. The ''pagenumber'' of a graph is the thickness of the smallest (in number of pages) book into which G can be embedded.(More)
In this study, we examined the reliability and construct validity of new soccer skills tests. Twenty soccer players (10 professional and 10 recreational) repeated trials of passing, shooting, and dribbling skills on different days. Passing and shooting skills required players to kick a moving ball, delivered at constant speed, towards one of four randomly(More)
It has been observed that teeth become lighter when they are dried. The present study was designed to quantify these changes and the time taken for tooth colour to return to normal. The colour of an upper central incisor in each of seven subjects was measured using a reflectance spectrophotometer before and after application of a rubber dam and, in another(More)
It has often been reported that the Krapina Neandertal remains bear incised linear striations which appear to be cutmarks. Here, the plausibility of the striations as cutmarks is tested by comparing them to Mousterian butchery marks on large fauna and to cutmarks on modern human skeletons known to have been defleshed with stone tools. The anatomical(More)