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The colonization history of British water vole (Arvicola amphibius (Linnaeus, 1758)): origins and development of the Celtic fringe
The terminal Pleistocene and Early Holocene, a period from 15 000 to 18 000 Before Present (BP), was critical in establishing the current Holarctic fauna, with temperate-climate species largelyExpand
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Using left-right asymmetry to estimate non-genetic variation in vole teeth ( Arvicolinae , Muridae , Rodentia )
Arvicoline rodents, which are important index fossils for late Cenozoic terrestrial deposits, are often said to have the greatest amount of dental variation of any mammal. If true, if that variationExpand
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The effect of repeated post-weld heat treatment on low-carbon steel ASTM A216WCB
The subject of this study is the effect of repeated post-weld heat treatment on valves made of low-carbon steel, ASTM A216WCB. Post-weld heat treatment is a common technique used to alleviateExpand
The Western Palaearctic evolution of the water vole Arvicola
The water vole is common in Middle and Late Pleistocene temperate Palaearctic faunas. It is widely used in biostratigraphy because of temporal trends in the size, shape and structure of the firstExpand
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