Mark Rosenstein

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When making a choice in the absence of decisive first-hand knowledge, choosing as other like-minded, similarly-situated people have successfully chosen in the past is a good strategy — in effect, using other people as filters and guides: filters to strain out potentially bad choices and guides to point out potentially good choices. Current human-computer(More)
In this paper we report on an ongoing statistical analysis of actual CCSN traffic data. The data consist of approximately 170 million signaling messages collected from a variety of different working CCS subnetworks. The key findings from our analysis concern: (1) the characteristics of both the telephone call arrival process and the signaling message(More)
BACKGROUND Category fluency is a widely used task that relies on multiple neurocognitive processes and is a sensitive assay of cortical dysfunction, including in schizophrenia. The test requires naming of as many words belonging to a certain category (e.g., animals) as possible within a short period of time. The core metrics are the overall number of words(More)
A prime business concern is knowing your customer. One legacy carried into the present from the earliest NCSA web servers is web server logs. While there are more powerful user tracking techniques, such as requiring logins or storing cookies, server logs remain a powerful tool in helping understand customer activity on a web site, and are the only tool when(More)
Team communication provides a rich source of discourse, which can be analyzed and tied to measures of team performance. Our goal is to better understand and model the relationship between team communication and team performance to improve team process, develop collaboration aids, and improve the training of teams. In the present work, we use Latent Semantic(More)
Background: Verbal fluency tasks, which require producing as many words in response to a cue in a fixed time, are widely used within clinical neuropsychology and in neuropsychological research. Although semantic word lists can be elicited, typically only the number of words related to the cue is interpreted thus ignoring any structure in the word sequences.(More)
Communication disturbances are prevalent in schizophrenia, and since it is a heritable illness these are likely present - albeit in a muted form - in the relatives of patients. Given the time-consuming, and often subjective nature of discourse analysis, these deviances are frequently not assayed in large scale studies. Recent work in computational(More)
We are conducting an ongoing experiment into the effects of various forms of recommendations on consumer behavior at a web site. In this paper, we report on measures of the usefulness and effectiveness of recommendations based on content. During a three month period, we provided recommendations on over 2000 products at an e-commerce web site. To evaluate(More)
Given the importance of Situation Awareness (SA) in military operations, there is a critical need for a realtime, unobtrusive tool that objectively and reliably measures warfighters’ SA in both training and operations. Just as the requirement for improved access to SA measures has become vital, it is now commonplace for military team communications to be(More)