Mark Rosenbaum

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Reading comprehension, indicated by motor behavior and multiple-choice picture selection called for in written instructions, was taught to an autistic child using verbal prompts, modelling, and physical guidance. The child was rewarded for correct behaviors to training items; nonrewarded probes were used to assess generalization. Probable maintaining events(More)
The simulation of X-ray images can be computed efficiently using raytracing, a technique well established in 3D computer graphics and rendering. Since raytracing is a discrete technique it is prone to aliasing artefacts. However, irregular sampling is able to mitigate this problem. In this paper the influence of the probability density function of the(More)
With Today's demands in quality assurance, a thorough inspection of products becomes mandatory for a lot of industrial branches. For example, X-ray scanners replace more and more the simple metal detectors used in food industry. For such scanning applications continuous processing is desirable, because it fits most production processes without the need for(More)
Super-Resolution [1] [2] image restoration has the need to account for movement between frames. If there is only global motion between frames, efficient frequency or spatial domain approaches as shown in [3] and [4] are available. But in most image sequences additional local motion is found. An efficient Super-Resolution algorithm must take this into(More)
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