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— This paper deals with a class of totally disconnected groups acting on buildings, among which are certain Kac-Moody groups. The apartments of our buildings are hyperbolic planes tiled by right-angled polygons. We discuss linearity properties for the groups, as well as an analogy with semisimple groups over local fields of positive characteristic. Looking(More)
The asymmetric energy B Factory proposed as an upgrade of PEP at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center will require a highly reliable and efficient injection system. The conceptual design has shown the feasibility of extracting 9 GeV electrons and 3.1 GeV positrons from the existing linac and injecting equal charges into 1658 buckets in each of the two rings(More)
This report reviews the properties of Higgs bosons in the Standard Model (SM) and its various extensions. We give an extensive overview about the potential of the ILC operated at centre-of-mass energies up to 1 TeV (including the γγ option) for the determination of the Higgs boson properties. This comprises the measurement of the Higgs boson mass, its(More)
This report summarizes the progress in the study of Higgs physics at a future linear electron positron collider at center-of-mass energies up to about 1000 GeV and high luminosity. After the publication of the TESLA Technical Design Report [1], an extended ECFA/DESY study on linear collider physics and detectors was performed. The paper summarizes the(More)
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