Mark Roger Marshall

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OBJECTIVE In many medical areas, there exist different regression formulas to predict/evaluate a medical outcome on the same problem, each of them being efficient only in a particular sub-space of the problem space. The paper aims at the development of a generic, incremental learning model that includes all available regression formulas for a particular(More)
BACKGROUND Home hemodialysis is common in New Zealand and associated with lower cost, improved survival and better patient experience. We present the case of a fully trained home hemodialysis patient who exsanguinated at home as a result of an incorrect wash back procedure. CASE PRESENTATION The case involves a 67 year old male with a history of well(More)
BACKGROUND The current literature recognises that left ventricular hypertrophy makes a key contribution to the high rate of premature cardiovascular mortality in dialysis patients. Determining how we might intervene to ameliorate left ventricular hypertrophy in dialysis populations has become a research priority. Reducing sodium exposure through lower(More)
BACKGROUND Early detection and effective management of risk factors can potentially delay progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD) to end-stage kidney disease, and decrease mortality and morbidity from cardiovascular (CV) disease. We evaluated a specialist nurse-led intervention in the primary care setting to address accepted risk factors in a study(More)
  • V C Patel, M Todd, F Winston, E Gwanzura, W Simunyu, A Acuda +38 others
  • 2006
EDITORIALS Cost-effective or profligate community psychiatry? P. T. (j(Contracting in mental health C. J. Simpson REVIEW ARTICLE TJ Analysis of longitudinal data. Intensive case management for the severely mentally ill. Controlled trial Prospective study into factors associated with aggressive incidents in psychiatric acute admission wards and C. Coreos(More)
BACKGROUND New Zealand (NZ) has a high prevalence of both peritoneal dialysis (PD) and home haemodialysis (HD) relative to other countries, and probably less selection bias. We aimed to determine if home dialysis associates with better survival than facility HD by simultaneous comparisons of the three modalities. METHODS We analysed survival by(More)
BACKGROUND The number of elderly people over the age of 65 commencing dialysis in NZ has increased by almost 400% in the past decade. Few data are available about health related outcomes and survival on dialysis in the elderly to help the individual, their family, clinicians and health planners with decision-making. METHODS/DESIGN This study will provide(More)
INTRODUCTION The number of patients requiring dialysis continues to increase worldwide imposing a substantial social and economic burden on patients, their families and healthcare systems. Compared with facility-based dialysis, dialysis performed by the patient at home is associated with higher quality of life, freedom, survival and reduced healthcare(More)
This paper introduces a novel fuzzy model – transductive neural-fuzzy classifier with weighted data normalization (TWNFC). While inductive approaches are concerned with the development of a model to approximate data in the whole problem space (induction), and consecutively – using this model to calculate the output value(s) for a new input vector(More)
After the publication of our paper Dunlop et al. "Rationale and design of the Sodium Lowering In Dialysate (SoLID) trial: a randomised controlled trial of low versus standard dialysate sodium concentration during hemodialysis for regression of left ventricular mass", we became aware of further data correlating left ventricular (LV) mass index at baseline(More)