Mark Roger Marshall

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OBJECTIVE In many medical areas, there exist different regression formulas to predict/evaluate a medical outcome on the same problem, each of them being efficient only in a particular sub-space of the problem space. The paper aims at the development of a generic, incremental learning model that includes all available regression formulas for a particular(More)
A significant relationship exists between the volume of surgical procedures that a given center performs and subsequent outcomes. It seems plausible that such a volume–outcome relationship is also present in dialysis. MEDLINE and EMBASE were searched in November 2014 for non-experimental studies evaluating the association between center volume and patient(More)
This paper introduces a novel fuzzy model – transductive neural-fuzzy classifier with weighted data normalization (TWNFC). While inductive approaches are concerned with the development of a model to approximate data in the whole problem space (induction), and consecutively – using this model to calculate the output value(s) for a new input vector(More)
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