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In a study of the ownership of German corporations, we find a strong relation between board turnover and corporate performance, little association of concentrations of ownership with managerial disciplining and only limited evidence that pyramid structures can be used for control purposes. The static relation of ownership to control in Germany is therefore(More)
Brain potentials evoked to non-targets in an auditory target detection task changed in amplitude, duration, polarity, and scalp topography as a function of position in the stimulus sequence relative to the target. (1) A negative prestimulus readiness like-potential, or RP, the poststimulus N100, and a late slow wave to non-targets immediately after the(More)
SCOPE The objective was to perform an inventory and critical evaluation of folate data in selected European and international databases. The ultimate aim was to establish guidelines for compiling standardized folate databases for international nutritional studies. METHODS AND RESULTS An ad hoc questionnaire was prepared to critically compare and evaluate(More)
To examine the contribution of genetic factors to food choice, we determined dietary patterns from food frequency questionnaires in 3262 UK female twins aged 18 to 79 years. Five distinct dietary patterns were identified (fruit and vegetable, high alcohol, traditional English, dieting, low meat) that accounted for 22% of the total variance. These patterns(More)
We have examined the reliability of several food energy assessment systems for healthy men. The predictions of metabolizable energies were compared with determinations made in energy balance studies with three maintenance diets (12 MJ/d); one of the diets was moderate in non-starch polysaccharide (NSP; 2.1% of gross energy) and two were higher in NSP(More)
BACKGROUND The suggestion that carriers of the HFE C282Y mutation absorb nonheme iron more efficiently than do carriers of the wild type has public health implications for countries where the C282Y mutation is common and foods are fortified with iron. OBJECTIVE We investigated the effect of C282Y heterozygosity on nonheme-iron absorption from a diet high(More)
Estimates of the spanchnic retention and appearance in the systemic circulation of orally administered glucose vary among laboratories even after recently identified sources of error have been accounted for [Livesey, G., P. D. G. Wilson, J. R. Dainty, J. C. Brown, R. M. Faulks, M. A. Roe, T. A. Newman, J. Eagles, F. A. Mellon, and R. Greenwood. Am. J.(More)
A method for measuring unlabelled Fe absorption has been investigated in a pilot study using a simple mathematical model. The metabolism of newly absorbed Fe can be approximated as a single-compartment model with the sampled compartment being the plasma pool. Five female volunteers (aged 30-55 years) were recruited to participate in the pilot study. After a(More)
A survey to determine the trans fatty acid content of a range of processed foods was carried out in response to recent reformulation work by the food industry to lower the artificial trans fatty acid content of processed products. Sixty two composite samples, made up of between 5 and 12 sub-samples, were collected in 2010 and were analysed for fatty acids,(More)
This paper describes the methodology applied for compiling an "international end-user" folate database. This work benefits from the unique dataset offered by the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) (N=520,000 subjects in 23 centres). Compilation was done in four steps: (1) identify folate-free foods then find folate values(More)