Mark Roantree

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Querying semantically related data sources depends on the ability to map between their schemas. Unfortunately, in most cases matching between schema is still largely performed manually or semi-automatically. Consequently, the issue of finding semantic mappings became the principal bottleneck in the deployment of the mediation systems in large scale where(More)
Sensor technology has been exploited in many application areas ranging from climate monitoring, to traffic management, and healthcare. The role of these sensors is to monitor human beings, the environment or instrumentation and provide continuous streams of information regarding their status or well being. In the case study presented in this work, the(More)
<italic>After the successful first International Workshop on Engineering Federated Database Systems (EFDBS'97) in Barcelona in June 1997 [CEH<supscrpt>+</supscrpt> 97], the goal of this second workshop was to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in various issues in the development of federated information systems, whereby the scope has(More)