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Changes in the telecommunications industry are now allowing support for cooperative provisioning of multimedia tele-services. This can provide a useful model for educational organizations to handle the inherent complexity of providing tele-educational courses while leaving them time to concentrate on pedagogical issues. The Prospect project is examining the(More)
Self-organizing mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) allow devices to share their services and resources. MANET applications as diverse as multi-player games, disaster recovery, cooperative computing and mobile patient monitoring explain the high interest in these dynamic systems. However, the formation and management of MANET are challenging tasks due to(More)
Across the developed world there has been a noticed decrease in Social capital. This decrease has also been noted in third level students. In finding ways to combat this decrease technology particularly Computer Mediated Communication and On-line Community Networks have been suggested as possible ways to do so. Examining the day to day activities of(More)
Quarks are widely recognized today as being among the elementary particles of which matter is composed. The key evidence for their existence came from a series of inelastic electron-nucleon scattering experiments conducted between 1967 and 1973 at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Other theoretical and experimental advances of the 1970s confirmed this(More)
In service-driven mobile ad-hoc wireless networks (MANET), it is possible that due to mobility, the service requester (client) and the service provider are no longer in the same network when the service computation is completed, while they continue to be members of other mobile networks. Once the service is invoked and the computation is started, it is(More)
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