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Student login data is a key resource for gaining insight into their learning experience. However, the scale and the complexity of this data necessitate a thorough exploration to identify potential actionable insights, thus rendering it less valuable compared to student achievement data. To compensate for the underestimation of login data importance, in this(More)
In this paper, we describe a scalable learning analytics platform which runs generalized analytics models on educational data in parallel. As a proof of concept, we use this platform as a base for an end-to-end automated writing feedback system. The system allows students to view feedback on their writing in near real-time, edit their writing based on the(More)
Next generation digital learning environments require delivering just-in-time feedback to learners and those who support them. Unlike traditional business intelligence environments , streaming data requires resilient infrastructure that can move data at scale from heterogeneous data sources, process the data quickly for use across several data pipelines,(More)
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