Mark Richter

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The research of energy storage systems in the DC link of a machine tool is focused on the choice of the appropriate type of the energy storage system (passive or active) and its control strategy considering better energy efficiency. For the control strategy of the DC/DC converter two ways were taken into account: the proportional-integral and predictive(More)
The development approach for an energy storage system focuses on optimal sized double-layer capacitor modules to reduce peak power and to avoid malfunctions of production machinery caused by voltage interruptions. The required kind of charging for the energy storage system and adjustment of voltage control parameters was executed for line-side converters of(More)
We report a study on chemiluminescence-based chemical analyses using luminol molecules covalently attached to 10 nm diameter gold nanoparticles (GNPs). Chemiluminescence (CL) has been systematically studied under two schemes by varying the concentrations of luminol-labeled GNPs and [Fe(CN)6](3-) catalyst, respectively. The CL signal of luminol-labeled GNPs(More)
The development approach for energy storage systems focuses on optimally sized capacitor modules to reduce peak power and to avoid energy recovery of production machines. Using servo presses as an example, the application of two different energy storage systems in the DC link is practically examined. A simulation model in Matlab/Simulink and a test stand of(More)
A standard was suggested by which modelers can denote dynamic data correlation in interaction diagrams in the Unified Modeling Language. Dynamic data correlation occurs when two or more pieces of data in an interaction either represent the same data or are related. The suggested standard states that correlated data should share the same identifier in the(More)
Limitations of temperature measurement in the aural canal with an ear mould integrated sensor. between core temperature, skin temperature, and heat flux during exercise in heat. Estimation of human core temperature from sequential heart rate observations. Bortolan. Physiological and performance responses to the " FIFA 11+ " (part 1): is it an appropriate(More)
The reaction of bismuth triiodide with iodine and benzo-15-crown-5 in ethanol/dichloromethane yielded red single crystals of (b15c5)BiI 3 (I 2) (monoclinic, P2 1 /c connected by secondary bonding interactions via iodine molecules to chains. Electronic structure calculations of the neutral complex (b15c5)BiI 3 reveal that the compound can indeed be described(More)
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