Mark Renfrew

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Adverse and anomalous (A&A) events are a serious concern in medical robots. We describe a system that can rapidly detect such events and predict their occurrence. As part of this system, we describe simulation, data collection and user interface tools we build for a robot for small animal biopsies. The data we collect consists of both the hardware state of(More)
In this paper several methods are investigated for feature extraction and classification of mu features from electroencephalographic (EEG) readings of subjects engaged in motor tasks. EEG features are extracted by autoregressive (AR) filtering, mu-matched filtering, and wavelet decomposition (WD) methods, and the resulting features are classified by a(More)
This paper presents a probabilistic method for active localization of needle and targets in robotic image guided interventions. Specifically, an active localization scenario where the system directly controls the imaging system to actively localize the needle and target locations using intra-operative medical imaging (e.g., computerized tomography and(More)
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