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The Christian Federalism of Germany
This final case chapter attributes the German federal approach to European integration in part to its inter-confessional history and constitution. Royce begins by surveying the spread of LutheranExpand
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The Political Theology of European Integration
THE POLITICAL THEOLOGY OF EUROPEAN INTEGRATION Mark R. Royce, Ph.D. George Mason University, 2016 Dissertation Director: Dr. Mariely Lopez-Santana This dissertation undertakes the first comprehensiveExpand
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From Cross to Constitution
In this introductory chapter, Royce explicitly poses the question as to whether comparative traditions of “political theology”—sacred values in politics—have any bearing upon patterns of EuropeanExpand
A Theologico-Political Analysis
In this chapter, the methodological heart of the work, Royce subjects 17 West European nation-states—Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Iceland, Ireland,Expand
God and Man in Europe
In this literature review chapter, Royce offers a comprehensive survey of the various sociological, political, and theological researches informing the overall question of the significance ofExpand
The Protestant Supranationalism of Britain
This extensive chapter traces British Euro-skepticism to ideas of the English Reformation. Theologically, Royce identifies five central propositions of Britain in the sixteenth century: “Popery” is aExpand
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The Lutheran Intergovernmentalism of Norway
This chapter supplies a deficiency of Norwegian studies in the social sciences. Royce begins by surveying the Danish Reformation in Norway through the two major English-language accounts: Lord RobertExpand