Mark R. Wheeler

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Genetic changes in human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) gained during culture can confound experimental results and potentially jeopardize the outcome of clinical therapies. Particularly common changes in hPSCs are trisomies of chromosomes 1, 12, 17, and 20. Thus, hPSCs should be regularly screened for such aberrations. Although a number of methods are used(More)
The concept of parcel mapping goes as far back as ancient China, Egypt and Babylonia (Goodwin 1994, 20). In colonial North America, the most common techniques of keeping track of land ownership were surveying and deed registration, but not actual parcel mapping. As a result, prior to 1950 most towns in New England referenced land parcels within the town by(More)
Certificates Interactive distributed learning for technology-mediated course delivery. (2016). A nonlinear dynamical systems theory perspective on dual-processing accounts of decision-making under uncertainty. In A. (2016). Fractal analysis reveals subclasses of neurons and suggests an explanation of their spontaneous activity. Radical embodied cognitive(More)
Many computational eeects, such as exceptions, state, or nondeterminism, can be conveniently speciied in terms of monads. We investigate a technique for uniformly adding arbitrary such eeects to ML-like languages, without requiring any structural changes to the programs themselves. Instead, we use monadic reeection, a new language construct for explicitly(More)
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