Mark R. Smith

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Nicastrin, a transmembrane glycoprotein, forms high molecular weight complexes with presenilin 1 and presenilin 2. Suppression of nicastrin expression in Caenorhabditis elegans embryos induces a subset of notch/glp-1 phenotypes similar to those induced by simultaneous null mutations in both presenilin homologues of C. elegans (sel-12 and hop-1). Nicastrin(More)
PURPOSE Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is a glycoprotein that is found almost exclusively in normal and neoplastic prostate cells. For patients with metastatic disease, changes in PSA will often antedate changes in bone scan. Furthermore, many but not all investigators have observed an association between a decline in PSA levels of 50% or greater and(More)
Activation of the transcription factor nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kappaB) has been suggested to participate in chronic disorders, such as diabetes and its complications. In contrast to the short and transient activation of NF-kappaB in vitro, we observed a long-lasting sustained activation of NF-kappaB in the absence of decreased IkappaBalpha in mononuclear(More)
Multiple measures of children's emotionality (emotional intensity and negative affectivity), regulation (including attentional and behavioral regulation and coping), and social functioning (teachers' reports of nonaggressive/socially appropriate behavior and prosocial/socially competent behavior; and parents' reports of problem behavior) were obtained for(More)
The mouse Scn8a sodium channel and its ortholog Na6 in the rat are abundantly expressed in the CNS. Mutations in mouse Scn8a result in neurological disorders, including paralysis, ataxia, and dystonia. In addition, Scn8a has been observed to mediate unique persistent and resurgent currents in cerebellar Purkinje cells (Raman et al., 1997). To examine the(More)
A theory-based multicomponent intervention (Gimme 5) was designed and implemented to impact fourth- and fifth-grade children's fruit, juice, and vegetable (FJV) consumption and related psychosocial variables. Gimme 5 was a randomized controlled intervention trial with school (n = 16 elementary) as unit of random assignment and analysis. Participants(More)
The charybdotoxin receptor, purified from bovine tracheal smooth muscle, consists of two subunits (alpha and beta) and, when reconstituted into planar lipid bilayers, forms functional high conductance Ca(2+)-activated K+ channels. Amino acid sequence, obtained from proteolytic fragments of the beta-subunit, was used to design oligonucleotide probes with(More)
A DNA sequence for the genome of bacteriophage phi X174 of approximately 5,375 nucleotides has been determined using the rapid and simple 'plus and minus' method. The sequence identifies many of the features responsible for the production of the proteins of the nine known genes of the organism, including initiation and termination sites for the proteins and(More)
Insufficient sleep is associated with obesity, yet little is known about how repeated nights of insufficient sleep influence energy expenditure and balance. We studied 16 adults in a 14- to 15-d-long inpatient study and quantified effects of 5 d of insufficient sleep, equivalent to a work week, on energy expenditure and energy intake compared with adequate(More)