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Thin clients have been part of main stream technology for over four years now. Surprisingly, few universities utilize them. If deployed properly, thin clients provide a whole host of benefits, from reduced need for user support, to high-availability to low energy consumption. The College of Engineering at Colorado State University (CSU) has been using thin(More)
What makes a computer lab a desirable space for students? Is it possible or desirable to tailor the layout and services in a computing facility in such a way that students enjoy working in the room? Colorado State University engineering students have responded very favorably to both the Design Studio and Internet Cafe that were built to provide both a(More)
"Green" computing has become a popular and trendy topic. Many companies are exploring methods and policies to use green technologies. Most policies merely scratch the surface, however, of greening computing technology, often seen as a necessary energy evil. At Colorado State University, we have gone beyond the surface polish and explored some practical(More)
Have you noticed that every major vendor has a thin client solution? What does this mean for technology support experts and are we ready for the consequences? The College of Engineering at Colorado State University (CSU) has implemented a very successful thin client solution. Thin clients have their down sides (they will be covered) and challenges (also(More)
Good IT staff are hard to keep -- or are they? Hiring the right people must be a priority; keeping them on board is just as important. Setting priorities in hiring and screening all applicants is essential to maintaining a dedicated staff. Once good staff are on board, it's the small things that count, although a bit of funding for professional development(More)
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