Mark R. Pickering

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2D-3D image registration has been adopted in many clinical applications such as image-guided surgery and the kinematic analysis of bones in knee and ankle joints. In this paper we propose a new single-plane 2D-3D registration algorithm which requires far less iteration than previous techniques. The new algorithm includes a new multi-modal similarity measure(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing intakes of fruits and vegetables intake, in tandem with reducing consumption of energy-dense and nutrient poor foods and beverages are dietary priorities to prevent chronic disease. Although most adults do not eat enough fruit and vegetables, teenagers and young adults tend to have the lowest intakes. Young adults typically consume a(More)
Widespread use of digital imagery has resulted in a need to manage large collections of images. Systems providing query by example (QBE) capability offer improved access to contents of image libraries by retrieving matches to a query image. Texture is an important feature to consider in the matching process. However, standard approaches often employ a(More)
BACKGROUND Despite differences in how it is defined, there is a general consensus amongst clinicians and researchers that the sexual abuse of children and adolescents ('child sexual abuse') is a substantial social problem worldwide. The effects of sexual abuse manifest in a wide range of symptoms, including fear, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and(More)
A watermarking scheme that discourages theater camcorder piracy through the enforcement of playback control is presented. In this method, the video is watermarked so that its display is not permitted if a compliant video player detects the watermark. A watermark that is robust to geometric distortions (rotation, scaling, cropping) and lossy compression is(More)
3D computed tomography (CT) to single-plane 2D fluoroscopy registration is an emerging technology for many clinical applications such as kinematic analysis of human joints and image-guided surgery. However, previous registration approaches have suffered from the inaccuracy of determining precise motion parameters for out-of-plane movements. In this paper we(More)
This paper describes a rate control algorithm for a variable bit-rate (VBR) video coder. The algorithm described varies the quantizer step size of the coder according to properties of an image sequence that affect the perception of errors. The algorithm also limits the output bit-rate of the coder without the use of buffers to more efficiently use network(More)
Image segmentation can be viewed as the process of classifying regions in a picture into groups with common properties (e.g., texture). A difficulty arising is that a common texture can be classified differently when viewed at different scales and rotated viewpoints. The paper presents a feature vector based on the DT-CWT (dual-tree complex wavelet(More)
BACKGROUND Early adulthood represents the transition to independent living which is a period when changes in diet and body weight are likely to occur. This presents an ideal time for health interventions to reduce the effect of health problems and risk factors for chronic disease in later life. As young adults are high users of mobile devices, interventions(More)