Mark R Murphy

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A discussion of occult breast carcinomas in breast reduction surgery has not occurred in the last 25 years. My recent experience in discovering two occult breast carcinomas in breast reduction specimens led to the creation of a survey of local plastic surgeons and a review of the literature with the goal being precise recommendations for such occurrences.(More)
Mating behavior in sexually naive and sexually experienced male golden hamsters was totally eliminated by removing their olfactory bulbs. In contrast, the mating behavior in blinded, unilaterally bulbectomized, and sham-operated controls was essentially normal. Testosterone injections restored normal sexual behavior in castrated controls but had no effect(More)
OBJECTIVE Our goals were to define the most sensitive techniques of acoustic neuroma diagnosis, to examine their relative costs, and to propose diagnostic modality selection given the rarity of acoustic neuroma incidence and given the other costs that society faces in more commonly encountered diseases. METHODS We conducted a MEDLINE search of the English(More)
The aim of this work was to optimize biodegradable polyester poly(glycerol adipate-co-ω-pentadecalactone), PGA-co-PDL, microparticles as sustained release (SR) carriers for pulmonary drug delivery. Microparticles were produced by spray drying directly from double emulsion with and without dispersibility enhancers (L-arginine and L-leucine) (0.5–1.5%w/w)(More)
The extended columellar strut-tip graft is a structural unit used in endonasal rhinoplasty that combines the attributes of the columellar strut and the tip graft. It is used to provide projection and contour to the nasal tip. Our goal with this study was to evaluate a 15-year experience with 155 patients who underwent rhinoplasty with the extended(More)
Hamsters deprived from birth of the neocortex developed normally and displayed the usual hamster-typical behavioral patterns. With the additional concurrent destruction of midline limbic convolutions (cingulate and underlying dorsal hippocampal), there were deficits in maternal behavior and a lack of development of play behavior. These findings demonstrate(More)
Abdominal wall herniation is a relatively rare but well recognized complication that is known to occur following TRAM flap mobilization. Herein is presented a novel means to approach such a hernia, using the minimally invasive surgical approach to repair the defect with a piece of prosthetic material.