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BACKGROUND The five-country European Psychiatric Services: Inputs Linked to Outcome Domains and Needs (EPSILON) Study aimed to develop standardised and reliable outcome instruments for people with schizophrenia. This paper reports reliability findings for the Camberwell Assessment of Need--European Version (CAN-EU). METHOD The CAN-EU was administered in(More)
BACKGROUND There exists no instrument specifically designed to measure comprehensively the needs of older people with mental disorders. AIM To develop such an instrument which would take account of patients', staff and careers' views on needs. METHOD Following an extensive development process, the assessment instrument was subjected to a test-retest and(More)
On the basis of previous ground-based and fly-by information, we knew that Titan's atmosphere was mainly nitrogen, with some methane, but its temperature and pressure profiles were poorly constrained because of uncertainties in the detailed composition. The extent of atmospheric electricity ('lightning') was also hitherto unknown. Here we report the(More)
  • F Ferri, S R Lewis, A J Ball, G Colombatti, A Abou-Dan, F Angrilli +4 others
  • 2008
The entry, descent and landing of ExoMars offer a rare (once-permission) opportunity to perform in situ investigation of the martian environment over a wide altitude range. We present an initial assessment of the atmospheric science that can be performed using sensors of the Entry, Descent and Landing System (EDLS), over and above the expected engineering(More)
The surface of Saturn's largest satellite--Titan--is largely obscured by an optically thick atmospheric haze, and so its nature has been the subject of considerable speculation and discussion. The Huygens probe entered Titan's atmosphere on 14 January 2005 and descended to the surface using a parachute system. Here we report measurements made just above and(More)
BACKGROUND UK government proposals to reduce the risks posed by people with "dangerous" severe personality disorders (DSPD) include a new legal framework for indeterminate detention. We aimed to establish the degree to which those operating the framework will be able to predict which people will act violently in the future. METHODS We reviewed published(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the occurrence of needs of patients with schizophrenia in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Santander and Verona. METHOD Patients with schizophrenia were interviewed with the Camberwell Assessment of Need. The mean numbers of total, met and unmet needs were compared across the sites. Ratings for individual domains were also examined.(More)
BACKGROUND Large social networks in patients with severe mental illness have been reported to be associated with a low rate of hospitalisation. We aim to determine whether social network size is related to the likelihood of hospitalisation and the amount of service use. METHOD As part of a prospective controlled study, baseline interview data for a random(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of schizophrenia is known to be greater in urban than in rural areas. Less studied are differences between the patients themselves and, more specifically, their use of psychiatric services. METHOD The prevalence of schizophrenia was determined in rural Nithsdale in Scotland and urban Nunhead and Norwood in South London.(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies show that among Black Caribbeans there is a higher prevalence of schizophrenia and higher levels of both voluntary and compulsory admissions. These suggest that Black Caribbean patients may find psychiatric services less appropriate to their needs. The aim of this study was to establish the satisfaction with mental health(More)