Mark R. Dobie

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This paper describes an open hypermedia system which allows content based navigation and retrieval from both text and non-text media. The system provides a variety of link types including the generic link which, once authored from a particular selection, may be followed from any instance matching that selection. The paper also describes the concept of a(More)
This paper presents the results of the EFOOL project. EFOOL (Evaluation of Functional and Object-Oriented Languages) is a quantitative evaluation of the functional and object-oriented paradigms. The aim of the project is to investigate whether or not the quality of code produced using a functional language is significantly different from that produced using(More)
still of wide interest, not only in the analysis of remotely sensed images. We describe a new approach to the extraction of networks of narrow curvilinear features such as road and river networks from remotely sensed MINIMUM COST PATHS images. The approach begins with the identification of points in the image with a high probability of being on the network.(More)