Mark R. Cutkosky

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The Palo Alto Collaborative Testbed (PACT), a concurrent engineering infrastructure that encompasses multiple sites, subsystems, and disciplines, is discussed. The PACT systems include NVisage, a distributed knowledge-based integration environment for design tools; DME (Device Modeling Environment), a model formulation and simulation environment; Next-Cut,(More)
The goal of this article is to develop practical descriptions of the relationship between forces and motions in sliding manipulation. We begin by reviewing the limit surface, a concept from the mechanics of sliding bodies that uses kinematic analysis to find the force and moment required to produce any given sliding motion. Next we provide experimental(More)
Absrrucr-Compliance is one of the most important quantities for characterizing the grasp of a robotic hand on a tool or workpiece. This is parlicularly true in fine manipulation (as in assembling components) where small motions and low velocities lead to dynamic equations that are dominated by compliance, friction, and contact conditions. In this paper we(More)
This paper presents a calibration scheme and kinematic mapping to support dexterous telemanipulation. The calibration scheme is intended for use with an instrumented glove and permits an accurate determination of the intended motions of a virtual object grasped between a human operator’s thumb and index finger. The motions of the virtual object are then(More)
A new approach for climbing hard vertical surfaces has been developed that allows a robot to scale concrete, stucco, brick and masonry walls without using suction or adhesives. The approach is inspired by the mechanisms observed in some climbing insects and spiders and involves arrays of microspines that catch on surface asperities. The arrays are located(More)