Mark R. Adams

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BACKGROUND There is increasing recognition that pulmonary artery stiffness is an important determinant of right ventricular (RV) afterload in pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). We used intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) to evaluate the mechanical properties of the elastic pulmonary arteries (PA) in subjects with PAH, and assessed the effects of(More)
INTRODUCTION Long-term bisphosphonate therapy for osteoporosis is associated with an increased risk of low-to-no energy atypical subtrochanteric and femoral shaft fractures with characteristic radiologic findings. There are few reports of patients with long-term bisphosphonate-induced periprosthetic fractures, all of them had a hip arthroplasty prosthesis.(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronic osteomyelitis is a disease that requires fastidious treatment to eliminate. However, when eradication is unable to be achieved through exhaustive modalities of antibiotic therapy and multiple debridements, significant resection of the infected bone and soft tissue must be considered, including amputation. Here we report of a salvage(More)
BACKGROUND Open reduction and plate fixation of the disrupted symphysis pubis is commonly performed through a horizontal Pfannenstiel incision. Certain clinical situations that complicate the soft tissue conditions of the lower abdomen may make the Pfannenstiel incision a less appealing option. We report on the use of a vertical pubic area midline skin(More)
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