Mark Pupilli

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We describe a robust system for vision-based SLAM using a single camera which runs in real-time, typically around 30 fps. The key contribution is a novel utilisation of multi-resolution descriptors in a coherent top-down framework. The resulting system provides superior performance over previous methods in terms of robustness to erratic motion, camera(More)
Two major limitations of real-time visual SLAM algorithms are the restricted range of views over which they can operate and their lack of robustness when faced with erratic camera motion or severe visual occlusion. In this paper we describe a visual SLAM algorithm which addresses both of these problems. The key component is a novel feature description(More)
We describe a particle filtering method for vision based tracking of a hand held calibrated camera in real-time. The ability of the particle filter to deal with non-linearities and non-Gaussian statistics suggests the potential to provide improved robustness over existing approaches, such as those based on the Kalman filter. In our approach, the particle(More)
Simultaneous localisation and mapping using a single camera becomes difficult when erratic motions violate predictive motion models. This problem needs to be addressed when visual SLAM algorithms are transferred from robots or mobile vehicles onto hand-held or wearable devices. In this paper we describe a novel SLAM extension to a camera localisation(More)
View interpolation has many applications in 3D graphics, visualization, animation, and image sequence compression. I present an implementation of a particular interpolation scheme, proposed by M. Hansard and B. Buxton in Proc. 6th European Conference on Computer Vision (I), 191-202. 2000. [1]. Given two images of an object, this method can synthesize(More)
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