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Over the past years, diamonds, diamond films, and diamond-like carbon films have become of primary importance in many fields of new technology. Several practical applications of these materials have turned out to be commercially viable. However, alongside the attractive qualities of diamond materials, it must be noted that the growth of large diamond(More)
Diamond in nanoparticle form is a promising material that can be used as a robust and chemically stable catalyst support in fuel cells. It has been studied and characterized physically and electrochemically, in its thin film and powder forms, as reported in the literature. In the present work, the electrochemical properties of undoped and boron-doped(More)
Nuclear batteries based on silicon carbide betavoltaic cells have been studied extensively in the literature. This paper describes an analysis of design parameters, which can be applied to a variety of materials, but is specific to silicon carbide. In order to optimize the interface between a beta source and silicon carbide p-n junction, it is important to(More)
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