Mark Porter

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Currently, most data accessed on large servers is structured data stored in traditional databases. Networks are LAN based and clients range from simple terminals to powerful workstations. The user is corporate and the application developer is an MIS professional. With the introduction of broadband communications to the home and better than 100-to-1(More)
BACKGROUND Recommendations for bone tunnel placement during anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction have become more precise. However, these recommendations differ neither with the choice of graft nor with the method of fixation used. The influence of the method of femoral fixation used on the biomechanical function of a soft tissue ACL graft(More)
A current Brite-Euram project is concerned with life-cycle aspects of car seating with Loughborough being responsible for driver comfort assessment. This is being carried out through road and laboratory trials, with the results to be incorporated within the SAMMIE design system. Driver comfort is in part determined by seat pressure distributions which lead(More)
Going into hospital can be an uncertain, and sometimes distressing, time for patients. The NHS is under considerable pressure to cope with a rising number of hospital admissions coupled with a reduction in the number of available beds. Our ageing population places a further strain on NHS resources, with the majority of patients admitted to hospital being(More)
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