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The efficacy of type Ia synapse on alpha-motoneurons of soleus and lateral gastrocnemius muscles has been investigated, using the H-reflex technique, in athletes engaged in sports requiring very rapid and intense contractions (sprinters and volley-ball players) as well as in non-trained subjects. It has been observed, in both muscles, that the ratio between(More)
In multivariate analysis of batch data, the step known as trajectory alignment (or synchronization) is not solely intended to homogenize the number of samples across batch data. Its primary objective is to standardize the data according to the evolution of the process, irrespective of the number of samples per run. The use of an indicator variable performs(More)
The effects induced by training on the H-reflex of soleus and lateral gastrocnemius muscles have been studied on 19 adult male volunteers; out of these, 10 were non-trained subjects and the remaining 9 were top level athletes engaged in sports requiring very rapid and intense contractions (sprinters and volley-ball players). It has been observed that the(More)
The changes in firing rate of intracerebellar nuclear neurons following electrical stimulation of the contralateral basal ganglia were investigated in adult cats, in which antidromic activation of cortico-pontine and/or cortico-olivar fibers arising in the area 6 had been excluded by chronic ablation of the motor cortex. Activation of putamen and caudate(More)
An increasing number of applications require some form of guarantees from the network, in terms of bandwidth or access and transfer delay. This demand for Quality of Service (QoS) can be met by means of different mechanisms, depending on the networks being traversed. Whereas end-to-end QoS provision is still an open problem, several possibilities now exist(More)
The paper describes the development and the evolution of a distributed instrumentation architecture, which has been applied to remotely access and control telecommunication measurement devices. Two different architectural choices, one of which based on Web Services and the Grid, are briefly compared, and their integration is discussed. A current(More)
The temporal sequence of electrophysiological and biochemical correlates of epilepsy induced by systemic injection of kainic acid (15 mg/kg i.p.) was investigated in male rats. A significant decrease in the hippocampal concentration of glutamate and aspartate was observed 20 min after the injection. These decreases preceded both electrographic and(More)
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