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The kinetics of the depolymerization of chitosan in dilute aqueous HCl solutions by nitrous acid were studied. The rate of depolymerization is independent of the molecular weight of chitosan, first order with respect to the concentrations of both nitrous acid and glucosamine moieties, not catalysed by either hydrogen or chloride ions, and Arrhenius(More)
The simple pulse-acquire experiment has been used to evaluate the level of accuracy and precision achievable in NMR fluid saturation measurements for a range of rock core samples saturated with either brine or hydrocarbons. For a set of more than 70 cores measured at 0.66 T the mean error in the NMR measurement is only 0.35% porosity when the sample(More)
Studies of echo attenuation at long diffusion times in pulsed field gradient NMR experiments on a variety of rock core samples are interpreted in the light of recent theoretical analysis of the effect of pore geometry and surface relaxation. This study is motivated by the need to test the applicability of that theory to real rock systems.
A technique for obtaining quantitative longitudinal saturation/porosity profiles of rock cores which are longer than the NMR coil has been developed. The slice-selected experiment uses a prefocused pulse in conjunction with a magnetic field gradient for the localization and a CPMG sequence to sample the data. A variety of rock core samples has been studied(More)
Taurine is a naturally occurring beta-amino acid produced by methionine and cysteine metabolism. It is involved in a variety of physiological functions, including immunomodulatory and antifibrotic. Taking advantage of the ability of human hair follicle grown in vitro to recapitulate most of the characteristic features of normal hair follicle in vivo, we(More)
Plastics are used widely as agricultural mulches to suppress weeds and retain soil moisture. Disposal of conventional plastic mulches requires physical removal for disposal in a landfill or incineration. Biodegradable plastic mulches that could be tilled into the soil at the end of a growing season represent an attractive alternative to conventional plastic(More)
A data analysis methodology is used to process 3D NMR image data acquired for porous systems. The method extracts the mean size of those repeating elements in the image data which are largely compared with the image voxel dimensions. In this work we extend the two-dimensional (2D) image analysis method described by others to three spatial dimensions (3D).(More)