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This paper describes a rule-based legal de-cisonmaking system (LDS) that embodies the skills and knowledge of an expert in product liability law. The system is being used to study the effect of changes in legal doctrine on settlement strategies and practices. LDS is implemented in ROSIE, a rule-oriented language designed to facilitate the development of(More)
Despite sharing much of their genomes, males and females are often highly dimorphic, reflecting at least in part the resolution of sexual conflict in response to sexually antagonistic selection. Sexual dimorphism arises owing to sex differences in gene expression, and steroid hormones are often invoked as a proximate cause of sexual dimorphism. Experimental(More)
In an era of climate change, understanding the genetic and physiological mechanisms underlying flexibility in phenology and life history has gained greater importance. These mechanisms can be elucidated by comparing closely related populations that differ in key behavioural and physiological traits such as migration and timing of reproduction. We compared(More)
W hy is the comic strip Dilbert © so popular? It makes fun of • Managers committing to unrealistic costs and schedules. • Projects being over cost and schedule. • Poorly managed projects. • Poorly defined requirements and requirements changing just before delivery. • Poor quality. Perhaps Dilbert's popularity lies in its proximity to the truth. Employees(More)
Globalization of innovation calls for entrepreneurial new ventures from emerging economies to develop customerfocused dynamic capabilities. The authors argue that firms with proprietary technology and a strategic intent to internationalize invest in international customer support capabilities to satisfy the demands of their most important international(More)
Caterina Di Ciano-Oliveira,1 Gábor Sirokmány,1 Katalin Szászi,1 William T. Arthur,2 András Masszi,1 Mark Peterson,1 Ori D. Rotstein,1 and András Kapus1 1Department of Surgery, The Toronto General Hospital and University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 2C4; and 2Department of Cell and Developmental Biology and Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer(More)